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Total Air projects

Quality Assurance Process

To achieve our vision and mission, Total Air Projects is committed to meeting and even exceeding customer expectations by maintaining a high level of performance and providing superior technical quality and unparalleled services, this is achieved by hiring experienced professionals and creating opportunities for innovation and advancement as well as

Implement effective business management principles and strategies to ensure sustainable growth of the company

A word from chairman

Eng.Ahmed Ibrahim


Total Air for Projects has taken the lead in providing services to customers while ensuring that their needs and expectations are met, within budget and on time, with over 17 years of direct hands-on experience in engineering and contracting.
It’s a great honor to lead Total Air for Projects, as we have made real efforts and performance to provide a wide range of engineering solutions and services that serve different market segments in line with the vision of revolutionizing the Egyptian market

We, Total Air Projects, aspire to become your business partners instead of only implementers. With us, you can get a glimpse of excellent service no matter the size of your project, all with the support of our team members who are the driving force behind our success

Over the years, we have achieved and delivered many projects that maintain our position in the Egyptian market. We build our reputation by providing outstanding services and advanced engineering solutions. In light of that, I would like to officially thank our team for their continuous dedication in their pursuit of excellence and for providing exceptional performance for a bright future.

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