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What we do?

Total air projects provides a range of services that end up constructing a winning formula for tracking and managing your projects effectively

Our General Work Scope Includes

  • Mechanical works

  • Electrical works

  • Plumbing 

  • Civil works

  • Maintenance and installation

  • Light-current works (smart home solutions) 

  • High end finishing

  • Land scape works


Mechanical Works

  • Fire fighting and protection systems

  • HVAC

  • Plumbing

  • Monitoring and control for control mechanical systems

  • Sheet metal fabrication for HVAC

  • Smoke exhaust system and Co2 monitoring

Electrical Works

  • Designing and building electrical systems

  • Medium and low voltage switchgear and cabling

  • Medium/low voltage power distribution

  • Implementing control systems  (BMS - GRMS - KNX connecting)

  • Surveillance, security cameras, CCTV systems and access control

  • Audio systems (BGM, PAVA)

  • IPTV (IP phone, Video conference)

  • Civil works includes

  • Drilling services

  • Backfilling services

  • Concrete (foundations and concrete structure)

  • Concrete (SOG) and isolation

  • Piling, building, road services

  • Architectural works include

  • Wall painting and floor finishes

  • GYPSUM board

  • Metal, iron and aluminum works

  • Curtain walls and cladding

  • Decorative lighting

Civil Works

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