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A part of Total air projects work in the “Al Salam Towers” ​​project in Mostafa Kamel ridge, with a height of 33 floors, and it is the highest residential tower in Alexandria Governorate with a total capacity of 380 housing units and about 36,000 square meters of commercial space and a vertical club on a 5-acre flat, in addition to a restaurant on the rooftop of the building.

Al Salam Towers


The Mansoura Private University, which is one of the private universities that was established by the decision of president Abdul Fattah Al-Sisi for the year 2020, and the Mansoura University extends over an area of ​​128 acres to provide an educational service at the highest international level. A large number of students applying for undergraduate studies.

New Mansoura University includes 8 faculties, including the administrative building in the first stage, in many disciplines and scientific fields. It awards a bachelor’s degree and from postgraduate studies it awards diplomas, academic and professional masters, and academic and professional doctorates.



developing the lighting of the ring road and internal roads in Sharm El-Sheikh in conjunction with the International COP27 Conference in Egypt next November under the supervision of the Engineering Authority of the Armed Forces, using the latest LED lighting technology through the supply and installation of nearly 8000 LED lights manufactured by Philips The world has the highest luminous efficiency, which contributes to achieving the required intensity of illumination in accordance with international requirements for road lighting with minimal energy consumption in line with Sharm el-Sheikh's strategy as a green city that preserves the environment.


The axis extends for a length of 35 km in the distance from its intersection with the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road to the Sidi Kerir / Airport Road. The development process included the construction of a service road on both sides with 3 lanes in each direction (the first phase with a length of 14 km) in the distance from the sea arm to the axis. 54 To serve the movement of trucks to the ports of Alexandria and Dekheila, the new reconstruction axis is considered an addition and a huge quantum leap that would open new development horizons for the entire western region of Alexandria governorate and increase its urban space, linking the port of Dekheila with the desert road, the international coastal road and the city of Burj Al Arab, and to become a vital development artery To connect Alexandria with the new city of El Alamein via the coastal road.


The Egypt International Olympic City is considered the largest integrated Olympic city, based in the new administrative capital, and it is one of the fruits of the interest of the Egyptian state and the political leadership, and President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, who directed attention to developing sports and youth infrastructure in accordance with the highest international standards and specifications, to operate them with the highest efficiency, in front of hosting events World and African events and championships.

  • Nazly Hotel - 5 Stars

  • Nazly Hotel - 4 Stars

  • Bus Building - Zone B 

  • Al Alamein 10000

  • حياة كريمة - وادي النطرون

  • حياة كريمة - برج العرب (الأسكندرية)


It is being built as the world's largest museum of antiquities, to accommodate 5 million visitors annually. In addition to the commercial and recreational services buildings, the restoration center, and the museum garden, in which trees that were known to the ancient Egyptians will be planted.

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